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Gemini and the galaxy belt decorate the winter sky in a wonderful scene seen with the naked eye

Gemini and the galaxy belt decorate the winter sky in a wonderful scene seen with the naked eye

A constellation is monitored in the sky of Egypt and the Arab world throughout the coming winter nights Gemini stars Or Orion, with the belt of the Milky Way behind it, early evening toward the eastern horizon.

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report, that due to the brightness of the Gemini stars, they can be seen from inside the cities with the naked eye, as for the Milky Way belt, there is a need for a dark location to see it.

Gemini stars One of the easiest constellations to be distinguished through the three stars and on either side of them are two bright stars, one is the red star Betelgeuse, and the other is a bright, blue-white star called Gemini Man.

Since the constellation of Gemini is present on the long nights of December and January in the northern hemisphere, it always connects with winter, and it is also a great starting point for finding the Milky Way belt, if you are in a dark location (not from home) the Milky Way belt can be seen with the naked eye It extends near the red star Betelgeuse.

When we look at this belt, we see the edge of the galactic disk – the combined glow of billions of stars. Ironically, in August the Milky Way’s band appears bright during the evening hours, and at that time of year we’re looking toward the galactic center.

Now the globe has moved in its orbit around the sun, and the evening sky is pointing in a different direction, so when you see the bar of the Milky Way near the constellation Orion this month, you will see that it is very faint unlike what is seen in August, this is because we are now looking towards the edge Outer the galaxy, there are fewer stars between us and between space and galaxies.

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