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General Administration of Training: Psychology course for the governorates of North Sinai, Matrouh and the Red Sea – the voice of preachers

In the context of the continuation of the Ministry’s plan for continuous training and rehabilitation of its employees, a distance training course was held today, Sunday, 5/9 / 2021 AD, via ZOOM online technology, for (110) imams from the governorates of North Sinai, Matrouh and the Red Sea. Today’s lecture was about the role of psychology in Renewing the religious discourse, with a lecture by Prof. Imad Abdel Maqsoud, Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.

For his part, he indicated that psychology is concerned with behavior, which is all actions and behaviors that a living being produces that can be measured and observed, such as talking, looking at the eye, walking, and pointing, and behavior has internal and external causes and stimuli. External, such as the feeling of sweat because of the heat.

He explained that the imam should understand a person’s behavior so that he can change people’s behavior, and people’s behavior is of three types: normal behavior, which is moderate behavior that is dominated by calm, but sometimes he gets angry and is dominated by honesty, but sometimes he lies, which is common to most people, second: excessive behavior, which is The behavior of a person who is accustomed to lying, stealing and anger. Third: Imperfect behavior, which is good behavior, but people do not get used to it, such as removing garbage from the street, greeting everyone, and a commitment to prayer, honesty and sincerity, but these behaviors are imperfect in humans, and the mission of the preacher is to increase these behaviors in humans.

But the question now is: How does a person acquire behavior? We must know that behavior is always linked to its results. If the result is satisfactory to the person, the behavior is repeated, and when changing the behavior of people, the imam must be a role model and a role model, as well as taking into account the culture of people when talking to them and teaching them with kindness and kindness.

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