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General Edifle: They attacked our soldiers. Russia will try to disrupt the Czech economy

G. Edev has no doubts that Russian services were involved in the explosion in Vrbtis. According to him, otherwise the Czech security services will not publish such sensitive information that disrupts relations between Russia and the Czech Republic.

That Russian services must have been involved in the explosion, but no one expected that this kind of explosion could not be explained. The metrics indicating the existence of a criminal or terrorist crime were in place, but I don’t think anyone would have assumed, especially in the first moments after the bombings, that this was the work of foreign intelligence, Idev.

Ex-chief of General You stressed that no one expects a foreigner to organize something analogous to the land of a sovereign state.

Blast Fret you: Tons of 2 Killed Dog ammunition for court and Russian agents

With the fact that it was a terrorist influx, as the situation is often described, ediv is completely different. Ediv said the term (terrorism) has a slightly different content for me.

According to him, this was an act of intimidation by a military unit. The GRU is a military intelligence service affiliated with the Ministry of Defense and the General Assembly. That is, it was done by real soldiers. Idev said it was an attack on the country of the Czech Republic.

The Russian side will now take steps to undermine the internal cohesion of Czech society. Edif said that he changed his work with misleading information or psychological surgery, and this is known from the past not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Baltic countries.

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Engineering, oil and gas. Vrbtice worsened economic relations with Russia

It is very clear that Russia will try to disrupt the Czech economy. According to him, he will find a weak city in biased action, however, I think we have to deal with the fact that there will be a discussion about gas and oil prices, Edif said. In this regard, he says, other EU countries and how to defend the Czech Republic will play an important role.