General / His Highness Prince Hossam bin Saud inspects the initiative to improve and develop Al Alam Roundabout in Al-Aqiq Governorate

Friday 08/29/1443 AH corresponding to 04/01/2022 AD

Al Baha 29 Shaaban 1443 AH corresponding to April 1, 2022 AD
His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Hussam bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Al Baha region, inspected today the initiative to improve and develop Al Alam Roundabout, which is currently being implemented on Airport Road in Al Aqiq Governorate.
During the visit, His Highness was briefed on a number of explanatory panels that highlight the components and details of the initiative, listening to a detailed explanation from the District Mayor, Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Sawat, that the initiative includes the improvement and development of the 9,300-square-meter Al-Alam roundabout, and work is being carried out within a period of 60 days. Its total value is 400,000 riyals, in addition to improving and developing the concrete wall with an area of ​​754 square meters in a period of 90 days, while its total value is 150,000 riyals.
His Highness urged the Emir of Al Baha region to make more efforts to serve the people of the region, intensify the follow-up of the projects being implemented, and solve the obstacles that may hinder the implementation of some projects, stressing the need to introduce new quality municipal projects to achieve sustainable development in the cities and governorates of the region.
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