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George Kordahi's statements: Bahrain urges its citizens to leave Lebanon "immediately"

George Kordahi’s statements: Bahrain urges its citizens to leave Lebanon “immediately”

photo released, Getty Images

The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on citizens of the Kingdom to leave Lebanon immediately, according to the official news agency in Bahrain.

The ministry described the step as coming “in view of the tense situation there, which requires caution and caution,” stressing on its previous statements “not to travel permanently to the Lebanese Republic, in order to prevent citizens from being exposed to any risks and to ensure their safety.”

Relations between the Gulf states and Lebanon were strained against the backdrop of old statements by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, about the Saudi role in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdullah Bouhabib, spoke about the possibility of Qatari mediation to resolve the dispute, stressing the need to establish a dialogue between Beirut and Riyadh.