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George Wadih Al-Safi revived the "Memory of the Opening"... with joy and originality from the Land of the Cedars

George Wadih Al-Safi revived the “Memory of the Opening”… with joy and originality from the Land of the Cedars

60 years have passed since the concert that the late artist Wadih Al-Safi performed on the “Al-Andalus Cinema” stage with the participation of the Lebanese Al-Anwar Ensemble. And originality from the land of rice.

The ceremony, which was held on Monday evening, was attended by Farea Al-Saqqaf, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of LOYAC Academy, CEO of “Ajyal” Abdulaziz Al-Khatrash and Deputy CEO of the company Abdel-Wahhab Al-Arefan, along with the Lebanese artist George Khabbaz and a large number of music lovers.

The singing schedule was completely similar to what his late father presented at that time (11 tarab songs mixed with heritage and originality), as was his feeling, feelings and hoarseness, which directly touched the feelings of the audience, old and young, who interacted with him by applauding and singing.

The concert witnessed the participation of the “LABA” musical group, led by Maestro Youssef Bara, and the start was with the “pitchers” dance, which paved the way for George to present the song “Betrahlak Mishwar”, and followed it with another titled “How Far, O Marwan Amlak”.

Amidst warm applause, he presented my songs “In the Square, We Meet Us” and “Lebanon, O Piece of Sama”, then moved to “Gardens of Farsightedness”, then “Your Hassan, Zain”, “Anna and Halbir” and “Al-Lumma Al-Lumma”, leading up to my song “Talk to our loved ones. and “We are coming, O mountain cedars.”

Among these songs, a group of young men and women, members of the “Laba” show band, performed folkloric dances from the Lebanese heritage, including “Dabkeh”, led by the Lebanese choreographer Ibrahim Mouzannar.

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Likewise, George, whose eyes shed tears on the stage, did not forget his father’s gifts and his rich artistic record, as he expressed his satisfaction and reassurance with the keenness that the State of Kuwait always shows in appreciating the great artists, and in a gesture full of thanks and gratitude from him, he was keen, during his singing, to express his thanks. To the Kuwaiti audience, and he was also keen to include the names of the Kuwaiti regions in one of the songs, which was well received by those present.

Al-Saqqaf: We traveled to the sixties

On the sidelines of the concert, Farea Al-Saqqaf said: “The authentic Lebanese evening was a magical scene that brought us back to the tarab and traditional songs of the great artists whose voices, words and melodies are immortalized in Arab memory.

As George was able to travel us to the sixties, specifically to the nineteenth of June 1962, when this place witnessed the first celebrations of national holidays in the (Andalus Cinema) theater, which was revived by his father, the late artist Wadih Al-Safi, in the presence of the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister And the representative of His Highness, the Emir of the country at the time.

And Al-Saqqaf continued: “We met to simulate the same event with his son and artistic heir, George, and to the rhythm of rhythmic melodies that inflamed those present. We recalled historical moments that were written at the time by the late Wadih Al-Safi.”

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