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جورج وسوف ووائل جسار يُحييان حفلاً غنائيًا ضمن فعاليات موسم الرياض

George Wassouf and Wael Jassar perform a concert as part of the activities of the Riyadh season

The two stars, George Wassouf and Wael Jassar, will perform a concert on November 4 at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater as part of the activities of the Riyadh season, and concert tickets will be released starting today, October 28.

Wael Jassar promoted the concert through his account on Instagram, and wrote: “I am very happy that I will meet the Saudi audience in the Riyadh season on the night of November 4, so that we will sing together a night of life.”“.

The star Wael Jassar performed one of his concerts in “Canada”, last Thursday, as part of his singing tour, which he is reviving there, and he presented a distinguished bouquet of his most famous songs that he presented during his singing career in the presence of a large audience of his fans..

Jassar lit the party with many of his romantic and rap songs, which he starred in throughout his artistic career, in addition to some songs of the symbols of the Egyptian song, such as Kawkab Al Sharq, Nightingale and Sayed Makkawi..

Wael Jassar recently finished recording his latest songs, entitled “Ayan”, which was composed by Muhammad Yahya, the words of Muhammad Al-Qayati, and distributed by Osama Abdel-Hadi, and it is supposed to be released in the coming days..

And the Lebanese star, Wael Jassar, released the song “Wala Fil Ahlam”, which he filmed as a video clip, and the clip was directed by Fadi Haddad..

The story of the video clip, “Not in Dreams,” revolves around a beautiful journalist who comes to shoot a report with Wael, and he falls in love with her, and decides to give her a full tour of the area in which he lives to win her love. Mix and Master Mohamed Gouda.

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