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Georgia's victory.. What does the majority of the "senators" mean for the Democrats?

Georgia’s victory.. What does the majority of the “senators” mean for the Democrats?

Georgia, which is historically affiliated with the Republicans, surprised America with its preference Joe Biden on me Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election before electing two Democrats to the Senate two months later.

What will Democrats gain from this success?

  • Democrats would retain a majority in each House committee, allowing them to process legislation and nominations faster.
  • Democrats will have larger staffs and budgets, giving them greater ability to carry out committee work.
  • Democrats will have stronger power to issue subpoenas and will no longer need bipartisan support to issue subpoenas, and this could increase the strength and number of investigations he leads. Democrats.
  • The two-seat margin could also become critical if there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court.
  • Democrats probably won’t have to rely so heavily on the vice president, Kamala Harristo break the tie in votes in nominations and legislation.

And according to what the New York Times reported, it happened Warnock He won 50.7 percent of the vote, while his rival Walker won 49.3 percent, in the final term of the election. Legislative elections For the middle of the presidential term and the second round of Georgia elections.

It does not depend on this seat the balance of power in US Congress After the Democrats maintained control of the Senate at the end of the mid-term elections, the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

But the southern state elections, which have a large African American population, are crucial for the rest of the state Biden state.

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