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German MEP: Poland must compulsorily supply its gas to Germany

German MEP: Poland must compulsorily supply its gas to Germany


Solidarity according to the German parliament. With Germany’s gas reserves short and a serious crisis looming, Marcus Ferber, the Christian Democratic Union, suggested that Poland, which, unlike Germany, has been working for years to diversify its strategic supply of natural gas and now has storage tanks full for the winter, should commit to supplying Germany automatically gassed.

Ferber He said This week, the Deutschlandfunk reported that there was no need for additional energy-saving advice such as lowering the temperature in apartments or offices, as the European Commission is now demanding. He noted that there were already problems with gas supply in the past, around 2007, but the situation is incomparable today. At that time, Germany supplied gas from its reservoirs to Central and Eastern European countries. “Now it may be necessary to do the opposite,” Ferber said, emphasizing that “eEuropean solidarity “is important.

Specifically, Ferber argues that if Russian gas supplies to Europe stop, countries like Poland, whose tanks are 98 percent full, should be obligated to share gas. The German politician believes that this issue should be regulated in EU legislation and that the “sharing” of gas should work automatically.

Polish MEP Zdzisław Krasnodębski responded to his German colleague on Twitter. “When the Germans, by their decision of 2015, found themselves in a difficult position due to the influx of migrants, they demanded a mechanism of forced resettlement in the European Union, and when, as a result of their energy policy, they had a shortage of and demanded its forced distribution in the European Union.”

Brussels on Wednesday called for solidarity and a 15% reduction in consumption from August to March so that countries do not face problems with natural gas supplies. But only a day has passed, and Spain’s Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Riberova, said she was rejecting the European Commission’s proposals. “We are against imposing conditions that go beyond some of the obligations that concern us,” Riberova said. We’ve written more about it here.