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German newspaper: NATO raises combat readiness of rapid response forces due to Russia


The German newspaper “Welt” reported today, Wednesday, that NATO has raised the level of combat readiness of its rapid reaction forces (NATO Response Force, NRF) “due to Russia’s actions.”

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NATO: If Russia uses force against Ukraine, it will

“Due to the build-up of Russian forces near the border with Ukraine, NATO responded with the first concrete military action and raised the readiness of its 40,000 troops for quick response,” the newspaper wrote, quoting an unnamed senior NATO diplomat.

According to the official, the “Very High Readiness Joint Operational Group” (VJTF), which is part of the Rapid Deterrence Forces, must, as of Monday, be “ready to deploy in the crisis area within five days”, while this was period seven days earlier.

The newspaper added, the readiness of other units of the rapid response forces, such as the special forces and logistical support units, was also raised.

According to “Welt”, the North Atlantic Council took the decision in this regard last week, although the newspaper stressed that the official spokesman of the alliance did not confirm this information, and only indicated that “NATO’s policy towards Russia remains consistent (which is represented in) defense and dialogue.”

Russia has repeatedly stressed that it has no intention of launching any operation against Ukraine, stressing that all reports about this are false and the purpose of these allegations is to escalate tension in the region and inflame the anti-Russian rhetoric in preparation for new economic sanctions.

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