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German unions acquired Tesla.  They opened an office next to her factory

German unions acquired Tesla. They opened an office next to her factory

Like it or not, we’re closer to Germans and Germany than we often think. This is all the more reason to watch what is happening in Germany. Economics, Business, Politics and Culture.

Everything is important, interesting and strange. Regularly by Germanophile Pavla Francová’s editorial in her Alles Gute column.

not online

Most Germans avoid buying food online. Although the country has recently experienced a rapid increase in various services that allow buying food online (including the German branch of the Czech Rohlík), the Germans themselves prefer to go to the supermarket.

According to a survey by NielsenIQ, they are online shopping only two percent Total food sales. In contrast, in France, for example, it is about 11% and in the United Kingdom about 14%.

The authors of the study explain the Germans’ reluctance to shop online by the fact that the country has a high density of stores and regular supermarkets. He sees the second reason in the fact that large retail chains are still reluctant to sell online. The only thing that is more active in this regard is the Rewe series.

unions for Tesla

The largest German (and European) trade union IG Metall wants to boil off Tesla and Elon Musk. Not far from his new factory near Berlin, opened by IG Metall new office, which was specifically designed for Tesla employees.

The unionists announced that they wanted to represent as many employees as possible at Tesla, to help them with job interviews, contracts, questions about salaries, shifts and the like.

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So far, Tesla near Berlin has employed less than 2,000 people, and it is assumed that he will work there six times more in the future. It is still not clear exactly when production will start.

We are closing

With the last day of last year accomplishment Three German nuclear power plants were closed as planned. Thus, the last three nuclear power plants of the country, which have had the last year when they still produce electricity, are already operating in the country.

The current proposal from the European Commission, which wants to include nuclear electricity among green energy sources, does not change the plan, which was created in 2011, when the disaster struck the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. On the contrary, the German federal government protests this plan.

Billionaires news report

German chemical and pharmaceutical concern Bayer has a problem. He allegedly lied to his shareholders about the risks associated with Roundup after acquiring Monsanto and now faces thousands of US consumer lawsuits.

Hundreds of big and small investors who are completely suing Bayer don’t like this either by 2.2 billion euros. They are upset that Bayer has misled them about the economic risks that US lawsuits pose to society.


In the role of the German Federal President, will continue after February with probably Follow Frank Walter Steinmeier. The first period will end in March. Representatives of the Green Party, who have long been reluctant to take this step, have now spoken out in its favour.

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The other two ruling parties, the Social Democrats and the Liberal Party, have spoken loudly about Steinmeier before. The president in Germany is elected by the Federal Assembly, which is made up of federal deputies and persons appointed by the individual federal states.