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Germany comments on the election of the Emirati officer, Al Raisi, as President of Interpol

Agence France-Presse Ozan Kos

The new INTERPOL chief, Emirati Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi.

The German government said on Friday that the new Interpol chief, Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, is like all officials in the international law enforcement body and must act in accordance with the rule of law.

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Emirati officer elected as Interpol president

“We took note of the election of Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi as the new president of INTERPOL… All INTERPOL members are required to adhere to the organization’s core values, such as the principles of impartiality and action in accordance with the rule of law, for example,” German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea Sasse said. them in the INTERPOL constitution.

Sassi also played down the importance of the president’s role in the organization, saying that he would carry out “representative duties” as president and chair of the executive committee.

Sassi indicated that the executive leadership of Interpol will remain with its Secretary General, the German official, Jürgen Stock, who will remain in his position until 2024.

The statements of the German Foreign Ministry came in response to accusations by human rights groups that Al-Raisi, who was elected yesterday, Thursday, was involved in cases of torture and arbitrary detention in the UAE.

Major General Al Raisi, the inspector general in the UAE Ministry of Interior, has campaigned since last year to take over the presidency of the organization, and there was only one candidate competing with him, the Czech Sarka Havrankova.

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In a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on November 11, 3 European MEPs, including Marie Arena, Chair of the European Parliament’s Human Rights Committee, wrote: “We are firmly convinced that the election of Major General Al Raisi will harm the mission and reputation of Interpol and will significantly affect the ability of organization to perform its mission effectively.

In October 2020, 19 non-governmental organizations, including Human Rights Watch, expressed concern about the possible selection of Al-Raisi, considering him “a member of a security machine that systematically targets peaceful opposition.”

In parallel, several complaints of “torture” have been filed against Al-Raisi in the past months in France, where the organization is based, and in Turkey, the host country of the General Assembly of INTERPOL.

Source: Associated Press + agencies