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Germany-Czech Republic 4: 5, the hockey players played strong in Nuremberg in the third half, and finally it was the turn to win.

Czech hockey, Jan Bennis

The Czech national team lacked eight of the most experienced hockey players in the current squad. “We wanted to let the little boys play,” said assistant coach Jaroslaw Obsek. The defenders left Oster, Musik, Jordaan, Shulak Nuremberg prematurely and both brothers Zohornova, Radel and Hanzel left the attackers. As for the others, it is at the beginning of next week’s preparations for the World Cup.

More than just a nice hockey scene, fierce ice fights were fought for a long time, and the Germans had the upper hand in skating and the game’s more aggressive concept. “The home team was very sure,” Apachek said. “We had a bit of a problem against them with a simple pass, and there was a lot of inaccuracy and puck losses.”

Germany also opened the scoring in the 16th minute, when it took advantage of the representatives’ hesitation during the pass and Eder sent a precise pass from Peter from the left shelf that overtook Will.

After another mistake, the national team lost a half-minute before the end by two goals, when Teveles sided with Stransky and did not match the end. However, the Czechs were able to respond to the goal in the locker room in just 11 seconds, when young Blumel fired without preparation.

However, the home side did not slow down, and at the start of the second half, they regained their lead, when 19-year-old Petrca quickly punished Bohr with the second goal of the match. He will surrender three times out of the first ten shots. Only in the 30th minute, Czech defender Kalda returned to the Czech team to play.

The increased activity of the guests was also reflected in the perfect entrance for the third installment. Only 11 seconds passed before Galvas took advantage of Flick’s pass and equalized 3: 3. The goal was far from over.

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The Germans regained the lead before the return of the expelled glass. Immediately, however, Dumont made a mistake and Galvas finished at the end of a strong play set. In the end, the victory overturned the Czech side by another numerical lead, which Tomacic used. The 18:10 shot ratio of the national team in the last period reflected a successful effort to change the score. The final minutes were already completely under the supervision of the Czechs, and the long, strong play didn’t help the home team either.

Euro Hockey Challenge
Germany-Czech Republic 4: 5 (2: 1, 1: 1, 1: 3)
Goals and records: 16. Peterka (A. Eder, Schmölz), 20. Tiffels (Schütz), 22. Peterka (Braun, Brandt), 49. Ehl (Rogl, Mebus) – 20. Blümel (alda), 29. alda (Tomášek), 41. Galvas (Flek, Kodýtek), 50. Galvas (Tomášek, Blümel), 54. Tomášek (Blümel, Š. Stránský). Judges: Hinterdobler, Steingross-Heffner, and Schwenk (all German). Exception: 8: 7. Usage: 2: 2. No spectators.
Germany: Genik-Sizemsky, Muller, Holzer, Brandt, Nowak, Ogbekeli, Mebus, Rogel-Petrka, A. Ider, Schulze-Fishbuch, Schutz, Tiffels-Dumont, Brown, Uvira-Pfaffingut, T-Eder, Eil. Trené: i: Tony Soderholm, Phil Peltonen and Alexander Duke.
Commercial Record: Will – Galvas, Ščotka, Mašín, Gazda, Němeček, Šalda, D. Sklenička – Pour, Kodýtek, Flek – Červený, Š. Stránský, Tomášek – O. Beránek, O. Najman, P. Kousal – F. Suchý, ernoch, florists. Coaches: Philip Pisan, Martin Straka and Jaroslaw Chapacic.