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Germany forces the European satellite service Eutelsat 9 to stop broadcasting RT DE

Russia news


The launch of the German-language channel RT DE on December 16, 2021

Germany’s media regulator on Wednesday forced the European satellite service Eutelsat 9 to stop broadcasting German-language channel RT DE, RT’s press office reported.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry accuses the German authorities of obstructing the work of RT

In a statement, RT described the move as illegal, and said: “It is inappropriate for the German regulator to bypass and ignore the European Convention on Trans-Border Television, which is binding on it, by forcing Eutelsat to remove RT DE from its platform solely because of the unjustified and counter-factual allegations of the entity. German organisation.

“We consider the actions of the German regulator to be illegal and we are confident that this decision will be reversed after judicial procedures. Our viewers can still watch RT DE on its website, through SmartTV, as well as through the RT News app.”

For her part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in her first comment on the German organizer’s move, that it is evidence of “a media persecution and information separation,” adding that “the reaction will not be long awaited.”

On December 16, RT launched the new 24-hour German-language news channel RT DE, broadcasting live news, talk shows and documentaries.

And the American “YouTube” site deleted the RT DE account hours after it began broadcasting, on the pretext of “violating the terms of services” of the site.

Source: RT

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