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Olaf Scholz zastavil v reakci na kroky Moskvy certifikaci Nord Streamu 2.

Germany stops certification of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The European Union proposes adding a list of 300 Russians to sanctions

nGermany halts operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This was announced by Chancellor Olaf Schulz. A pipeline is being built through which Russia will supply Ukraine with gas supplies to Europe. But he is missing the German advertising certificate. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has announced that he has withdrawn from the approved Zen analysis needed to allow the gas pipeline.

Thus, Berlin responds to the recognition of the independence of the Donkey and Luhansk People’s Republic of Russia. Moscow also sent its forces to the region on a “peace mission”. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian military in the breakaway republics supported TASS, and the Russian ambassador to the United Nations said sending troops to Donbass should prevent the planned Ukrainian influx. According to him, Moscow will not allow new bloodshed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that in the diplomatic relations of the two countries with Russia.

Josep Borrell, a European diplomat, said the EU is working on a draft sanctions against Russia, which is due to be decided on this afternoon. The ambassadors of EU member states will then discuss the comprehensive sanctions. The diplomatic source, T.K.

“Let us not show Russia any weakness or any contradictions,” said Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala. He added that we must be ready to impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia and take measures to ensure security.The question is what the consequences of the sanctions will be on the Czech Republic. At present, exports to Russia account for just over 2% of total exports, a volume similar to that of Belgium. “The impact may be on the name of the engineering company or on the food that goes to Russia. Tom Broza, president of the Federation of Trade and Tourism R, which in 2014 imposed sanctions in his capacity as secretary of the Czech Republic, the government of the European Union. “The bank sanctions will not harm us,” said Proza. A lot today because exports are down, but if the SWIFT system is shut down, there will be no way to pay for gas to Russia.” The United States promotes the Russian shield of interbank SWIFT, but the European Union opposes it.