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Get to know Amr Diab's mysterious fan, the heroine of "Comics" concert in Dubai |  Video

Get to know Amr Diab’s mysterious fan, the heroine of “Comics” concert in Dubai | Video

After her photo with the star Amr Diab changed from the scenes of his concert at the “Expo Dubai” to a comics and trend, Tunisian Amira Bou Rabie revealed that she is a big fan of Amr Diab, and she did not think that this situation would happen.

And in an interview with ET in Arabic from inside her house in Dubai, where she keeps pictures of Amr Diab, Princess Bou Rabie had these statements:

– I am the hidden girl from Expo Dubai 2020

– I am Tunisian, as is clear from the dialect, and my name is Amira

– I am a super fan of Amr Diab, and I live in Dubai. I was with Amr Diab fans and did not expect the trend, and when it became sweet

– I was going with my friends so they could take pictures, and then you (the journalist Rabie Heneidy) went in for a meeting with him, so I didn’t catch a selfie with him. I was all about taking a selfie with Amr Diab, and I didn’t know that I was in the camera with you

– My view was sincere, reflecting a person who saw the dream of his life face to face. He is my favorite artist, and I was happy with how he was before me and how he told

– The whole time I was looking at him with the same look, but he turned and then came back to complete the meeting with you

– I was Miss Tunisia Universities 10 years ago, and I did some advertisements, and they wanted me to enter the field of acting, but I was focused on my education. If now I had the opportunity, we would reject it

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– All our life stages have Amr Diab, and with all due respect to all the people, I do not hear anything else in the car, at home, and everywhere. What life ruins, Amr Diab fixes

– The song “You are the luck” is a strong and beautiful word that Amr Diab said in a song, and I feel it expresses the scene that has become a trend