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Ghadeer Al-Sabti responds to criticism of her dance in the Riyadh season: I am proud of myself

Ghadeer Al-Sabti responds to criticism of her dance in the Riyadh season: I am proud of myself

Kuwaiti artist, Ghadeer Al-Sabti, was subjected to a wave of criticism for her dance in the play “I Wish”, which she co-stars with the artist Shujoun Al-Hajri, and it was recently shown in the Riyadh season.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti defended herself, during her arrival as a guest on the “A-Raseef” program, which is broadcast on the Kuwaiti “atv” channel, saying: “Dance does not have a specific age, and I was surprised by the admiration of a sector of the audience for the art presented by some foreign stars, including the international star. Jennifer Lopez, who performs dances even though she is 60 years old.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti confirmed, during the television interview, that the criticism she was subjected to did not disappoint her, but rather made her an incentive to provide the best during the coming period, noting that these criticisms are due to the difference in culture.

She said, “I think that criticism of some comes because we do not have this culture and need to change. The bullying I was subjected to did not bother me, but rather made me covet for the better. Every criticism written against me made it a ladder so that I could ascend and reach the top. Art has no age and what I offer is art.” .

Ghadeer Al-Sabti concluded her speech, saying that she is proud of her age and weight, saying: “I weigh 50 kilograms and I am 47 years old, but I am proud of myself because I present this character in the play (I Wish) and I will do more than that.”

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