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طرح تذاكر بالون فضاء عملاق يستوعب 8 أشخاص

Giant space balloon tickets for 8 people

Space Perspective is offering tickets for its spaceflights to the stratosphere for $125,000, which gives explorers a good experience at a much lower cost compared to Blue Origin, which sold the auction ticket for $28 million, and the company uses giant space balloons to transport up to eight people. to the stratosphere, 20 miles above the surface, for a six-hour flight.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, commercial flights are scheduled to take off in 2024, and passengers will also be able to enjoy their eyes on 360-degree views of the earth while they are inside the capsule.

“At 12 mph, propelled by a football field-sized space balloon, the Neptune spacecraft will soar to over 99% of Earth’s atmosphere and explore space,” said Jane Poynter, founder and co-CEO of Space Perspective. To see our Earth in the blackness of space.

Space Perspective is a startup founded in 2020 by Poynter and Taber McCallum, former co-founders of World View, a company that deploys stratospheric sensors attached to balloons to capture space images.

The company says that passengers will first arrive at the launch site a few days before the flight, Bloomberg reports, and this will allow future travelers to tour the facility, relax with the capsule and the idea of ​​heading into the stratosphere.

The entire journey, from launch into the stratosphere to landing, would take a total of six hours to complete, with two hours spent in the stratosphere.

Throughout the flight, passengers will be served breakfast, and they can order drinks and sit in their reclining seats, and there is also Wi-Fi within the capsule that allows for live streaming.

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