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Gilan Alaa: My fiancé took the initiative first and told me he loved me

Gilan Alaa: My fiancé took the initiative first and told me he loved me

The artist replaced Gilan Alaa A guest on the program “The Women Don’t Know They Lie”, accompanied by her fiancé, singer Ezz Shahwan, and during the episode, they revealed the love story that brought them together.
Gilan said that she had a friendship with her fiancé first before it developed into admiration and then love, because the media and artist interrupted them. Mona Abdel Ghani By asking her who first confessed his love for the other, Ezz told her that he was the one who took the initiative and declared his love for her.

Jilan Alaa revealed that they are from the same astrological sign, which is Gemini, to be warned by the media, Heba Al-Abasiri, that this astrological sign is one of the most dangerous astrological signs, as it obscures the mood of these people, and it is also an emotionally disturbed sign, to confirm to two generations that they are from the same astrological sign and it did not happen between them Repulsion, but on the contrary attraction, love and friendship for each other.

During the episode, Gilan Alaa imitated the media, Engy Ali, during her talk during her program “Kalam Al-Nujoum” on FM radio.Heba Al-Abasiri And Dina Abdel Aziz in hysterical laughter.

Gillan Alaa and her fiancé accompanied by the women’s introductions, they do not know how to lie – photo from the program’s account on Facebook

It is noteworthy that Gillan Alaa announced her engagement last week, where she held a simple party attended by the newlyweds’ family and close friends.
Gilan Alaa participated in the last Ramadan marathon in the series Faten Amal Harbi, with the star Nelly Karim, Muhammad Tharwat, Sherif Salama, Muhammad Al-Taji, Khaled Sarhan, and many stars, directed by Mando Al-Adl, and produced by Al-Adl Group.

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