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Girls hide from me, but I know about them -

Girls hide from me, but I know about them –

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Czech nightingale Lucy Bella (55) baptized in Newly reconstructed foyer of the Lucie Bílé cédéčko theater Singing duo Ben & Mateo On this occasion she gave an interview to the editors of, in which she talked about the relationship with her son Philip Cratochville (26).

Lucy Bella shouldn’t talk to her son in love with him

I try not to call him a beetle in public, but he is the most important person in the world to me. We have come to a point where he advises said with a smile.

Unlike her son, the singer is not such a traveler. “Philip is a global citizen who can live anywhere else in the world. He lived in Paris, longed for Berlin, and I feel insecure when I cross the border. I like his flow of thoughts, I love his public show, he’s sensitive, kind, kind, sympathetic after me and a manager after his father, but he still doesn’t know what, “He continued.

Lucy Bella has a son Producer Petr Kratochvíl, But Philip is no longer a little boy. Of course, in addition to studying, the handsome 26-year-old is also interested in girls.

His mom has an overview of his love, but as she says, you shouldn’t “talk” to him. “I have an overview of what he likes, but Philip won’t let him talk about it, “He says.

Sometimes, of course, like any good mom, he gives him advice in life, but even this does not get a great response.

Of course he’s angry, but I’m telling him who else to tell you more about me, “ He adds with a smile.

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