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GitHub Copilot X is a virtual programmer’s fellow. Now he will take care of the whole project – Živě.cz

GitHub Copilot was one of the first examples of successful collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft, but code completion alone is not enough today. We live in the era of AI-powered chatbots, so GitHub has introduced a new service X co-pilot.

Chatbot, whisperer, tester…

It is basically a ChatGPT chatbot integrated directly into the GitHub environment, a specific repository and code editor, optimized for answering programmers’ questions, creating test routines, and so on.

GitHub Copilot X in the official trailer:

Of course, the upgraded buddy runs on the latest GPT-4 AI, but like the basic whisper of Copilot code, it won’t be free. Only existing subscribers can participate in the beta. The monthly fee will be $10, and the annual fee will be $100.

Document co-pilot will assist with documentation

The enhanced copilot is complemented by several standalone tools available by invitation:

The first, as its name suggests, specializes in documentation. In the form of a dialog, you can ask about various libraries, frameworks, and the like in natural language. So far, the chatbot can only work with the help of the framework reactAnd I visit And MDN From Mozilla (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

Click for a larger imageClick for a larger image
Document co-pilot and CLI co-pilot

In a similar way, the Copilot CLI will help with the commands in the machine it lives in as well, and the latter will take care of automatically uploading code changes to the repository and related management. check this out (1And 2) videos.

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