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Glass fashion in 2023 decorations | Madam Magazine

sustainability, soft colors and nostalgia; All of these are factors that express the trends of decoration fashion in 2023, which make home residents feel light, harmonious, and comfortable. Among the materials that reflect the current fashion, glass stands out, now in the decoration works, as it achieves elegance in the space in which it is located. In an interview with “My Lady”, the Algerian architect and interior designer, Wafa Ghawi, talks about the recent trends in the use of the glass In interior decoration, and how to decorate with glass accessories.

Glass is a common material used in interior design (image courtesy of architect Wafa Ghawi).

Glass is one of the materials commonly used in interior design, as in the manufacture of furniture, lighting units, doors, windows, walls, floors, partitions, and decorative pieces… Artists, in turn, masterfully use glass to design unique and modern pieces of art, such as: mirrors framed with unconventional frames, as well as Colored glass accessories and other small accessories such as: vases. In addition, the insulators are decorated with curved shapes, each of which represents a point of attention and adds depth to the space, as well as the stairs with balustrades made of transparent glass, which enhances communication, from a visual point of view, in the residential space.

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Glass accessories, such as sculptures and lighting fixtures, can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. (Image via Architect Wafa Ghawi)

Mirrors with curved edges or organic shapes beautify the space and add a touch of vitality to it

New trends

Mirrors are a sign in the decor (photo courtesy of architect Wafa Ghawi).

This year, modern technology enters the line of glass design, whether it comes to roofs or windows. The popular “smart glass” features include: controlling lighting, temperature, and even privacy, which makes the material ideal for the contemporary home.

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Bold colours

Colorful vase from Dale Tiffany

On the other hand, the colors of mirrors and glass accessories are bold, with the aim of adding vitality and elegance to the interior spaces, as these colors have the power to transform an ordinary place into a special one.
In terms of home lighting made of colored glass, such as: chandeliers or hanging lights; It gives a touch of luxury and sophistication to any place. The use of brightly colored glass in the lighting units creates an attractive effect in the space.

Set of colorful vases from Jamie Young

Popular “smart glass” features include controlling lighting, temperature, and even privacy

Glass in furniture design

There are many ways to incorporate glass and mirrors into your home (image courtesy of architect Wafa Ghawi)

The uses of glass in furniture design is one of the current popular trends. Especially in the design of dining tables, shelves, and even furniture bases, for an elegant and modern touch in interior decoration. These pieces visually expand the space and make it look more harmonious and streamlined. Glass also mixes with many other materials, such as wood and metal, to suggest modernity.

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Mirror fashion

Mirror, John-Richard Collection

Whereas straight lines and sharp edges have been commonplace in interior decoration for years, now curved shapes look a lot smoother. In this context, she chooses mirrors with curved edges or organic shapes to beautify the space and add a touch of vitality to it.
In addition, there is a tendency to choose mirrors in the narrow space, to create the impression that it is larger than it is, in reality. In the year 2023, mirrors will appear in the works of walls and ceilings, in order to double the amount of light, suggest spaciousness, and achieve attractive reflections, especially in narrow interior spaces. Huge mirrors and freestanding are one of the most important trends in interior design, and they are used in entrances and small corners to add a sense of spaciousness, as they suit all tastes. Mirrors are available in different sizes and shapes, chief among them are arched mirrors and mirrors with corrugated frames, as this shape dates back to the eighties.
Antique mirrors, in turn, are a popular element in interior design this year. It beautifies any interior space; The reception hall, the bedroom or the bathroom, and they are available according to different shapes and designs. Antique mirrors are used in interior decoration in more than one way. They may be placed on the wall in a decorative gesture, or mounted on the floor or hung alone or with other mirrors to create beautiful and unique compositions.
In conclusion, glass and mirrors continue to be used, but in curved and “organic” shapes, and in bold colors, knowing that there are many ways to integrate glass and mirrors into your home. Glass accessories, such as sculptures and lighting fixtures, can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Engineer Wafa Ghawi

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