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Glitches send Hubble Space Telescope to safe mode

Glitches send Hubble Space Telescope to safe mode

NASA Continue to investigate the cause of the tools in Hubble Space Telescope Recently switched to safe mode configuration, which suspended scientific operations. The tools are intact and will remain in safe mode while the mission team continues its investigations.

Hubble Science Instruments released error codes at 1:46 a.m. EDT on October 23, indicating that a specific sync message was missing. This message provides timing information that the tools use to properly respond to data requests and commands. The mission team reset the instruments, and resumed scientific operations the next morning.

At 2:38AM EDT, on October 25, Scientific Instruments again issued error codes indicating multiple losses in sync messages. As a result, scientific instruments independently entered safe mode states as they were programmed.

Mission team members evaluate spacecraft data and system diagrams to better understand the synchronization problem and how to address it. They are also developing and testing procedures for collecting additional data from the spacecraft. These activities are expected to take at least one week.

The rest of the spacecraft is operating as expected.

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