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Global logistics again is not difficult because of omicron in our countries

In the northern port city of Tiananmen, the Covid-19 omicron variant first appeared last weekend. Township residents immediately launched a mass testing of 13 million people.

All employees had to work full time in the testing room. As a result, some factories stopped their operations, such as the Toyota and Volkswagen car manufacturers.

The same port representative in Tiananmen City announced that they have been able to test 4,920 of their employees since Sunday. Before entering the port, the agency said, you have to test the idio truck that comes with it. Bloomberg.

By Wednesday, tests had revealed 137 positive cases. Meanwhile, it seemed at first glance that he had fled from Tianjin to another important port; to Ta-lien. Two college students brought him back from Tiananmen home for New Year’s Eve vacation.

Traditionally the Lunar New Year tradition soars in spirits, as people travel to their families. It is one of the largest realms of regular human migration. For example: In 2016, it was estimated that 2.9 billion people traveled within the world.

Nowadays, however, the massive people moving from one city to another are unaware. Beijing advises the country’s residents to celebrate New Year’s Day. his feet zero tolerance policyWhich means coronavirus laptops with electronic shutdown. So in Tianjin, bicycles, restaurants and zazen have now been established.

Ta-lien and Tiananmen are, among others, major hubs for global shipping. In 2020, they together handled about 25 million containers of cargo.

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Due to the possibility of omicrons, the Tiananmen cargo ship avoids the Ta-lien in Anga. This is the largest port in the world. Due to the route changes, container ship voyages are beginning to be delayed by about a week, and it is very likely that these delays will extend to both ends of the US and European supply chains.

The problem with the five countries will continue to affect supply cycles this quarter, as well as omicron and upcoming shutdowns due to New Year’s celebrations, comments Joshua Brazil’s project44 software, which monitors the world’s supply chain.

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Unlike the Western world, I decided not to confuse omikron variants, thus imposing strict rules. Perhaps the reason is the approach of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

An example of intolerance is J-ou’s million-dollar district, which plunged into lockdown after three asymptomatic cases occurred. The neighborhood’s transportation system was suspended, and all vehicles were prohibited from entering the roads.

Xi’an had a similar effect to tinctimillion. Since the end of the year, people have not left their homes there, except for those who go for coronavirus tests. Even the development in Si-an City is of particular importance in global supply chains. Samsung had to suspend its semiconductor operations there because employees were unable to work due to the shutdown.