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Global ocean level may rise by half a meter in 80 years

Global ocean level may rise by half a meter in 80 years

Astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss said about 190 million people now live in coastal areas that could be flooded by 2100 even if carbon dioxide emissions were to decline.

He added that the expected growth of the global ocean at the end of this century is half a meter, even without taking into account the additional increase in the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

He said, “Even if we stop producing carbon dioxide tomorrow, the global ocean level will rise by half a meter by 2100, and this may be very sensitive for many. Almost all of southern Vietnam is only half a meter higher than the ocean level. The ocean level by 2100 will be almost all of southern Vietnam under water if we don’t take any measures, it is necessary to build some kind of dam or take something else.”

The scientist also pointed out that about 190 million people live today in coastal areas, which by 2100 will be at risk of flooding even if carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. The scientist added, “The sea level will rise further if we do not take any measures to reduce our carbon footprint.”

He pointed to the risk of complete disappearance of the ice sheet in Greenland during the current millennium due to the increase in the average temperature on the planet, which would likely lead to a rise in sea levels of up to 7 metres.

He explained, “The rise in the level of the global ocean is only half associated with the melting of icebergs. This is also due to the fact that water expands when heated. And if we calculate the amount of energy that affects the global ocean as a result of radioactive influence, we can compare it with the energy of 5 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima every day.” day, and that extra heat causes the oceans to expand.”

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