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Global Village reveals its 27th season

Global Village reveals its 27th season

Dubai (Etihad)

Global Village, one of the largest cultural parks in the world and the region’s premier family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment, has revealed a wide range of shows and events that will abound in its new season, which is scheduled to start next October.

The Global Village offers its guests a group of international artists, an exciting show, international concerts, and touring performances.

Guests of the Global Village will enjoy more than 200 performances daily by more than 400 artists from around the world.Putin on the Glitz is a musical for fans of lively jazz, and “London Calling” takes the audience on a fun journey into the world of music from an era the sixties until today.
Guests will enjoy the show “Shelter Clowns”, which presents the adventures of firefighters in a humorous and funny way, and “Bank Heist” show, which presents comedy lovers with suspense-filled events such as “Doctor Seuss” and “Keystone Cops” silent films about comic policemen, while they are in Crime-fighting missions in Townsville.
The Global Village will witness the “Loud House” show, a celebration of Bollywood films, featuring a group of comedic characters, while “Skyline” will present a vibrant show of music and dazzling lights, which will fly the imaginations of guests into the Bollywood atmosphere.
The Global Village continues to enrich its activities, as its 27th season will witness the hosting of prominent international talents, as guests will be on a date with the “V-Inpettable” performance group from Mumbai, which participated in the famous program “America’s Got Talent” and won the Golden Buzz title twice before winning the championship in the year 2020.

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This amazing troupe will be performing on the main stage starting January 4th, and for one month only. Among the other participating teams and favorites for Global Village guests, was the show Arben Crowe, who achieved wide fame after his distinguished participation in the “America’s Got Talent” program. The members of this band and their exceptional skills.

The band is currently participating in the “America’s Got Talent” program, before returning to the Global Village Theater in Dubai. The wonderful Colombian drum group “Ainga” is back again to add more joy to the atmosphere of the celebrations around the Global Village.The characters of the Global Village, Leif, Zoya, Ozka and Aya “The Traveler” return with their exciting adventures for the young guests through the show “The Legend of the Scepter”, and he will meet them Guests at the show «The Secrets of the Golden Rock».
The famous cartoon character Peter Rabbit returns this year to shine again with his adorable friends Lily Bobtail and Squirrel Natkin, on an adventure to steal a giant radish prize from Mr. Noeds, the gardener on duty in the Global Village, in an atmosphere that simulates the natural environment of the famous rabbit and his friends, which will amaze the little ones.

As for the Octanos characters, they return to their station, as Captain Brancalis, Kawase and their new friend “Kai” climb aboard the vehicle to complete their new missions in an atmosphere of entertainment and fun. Children’s favorite characters from Care Bears Crumby Bear, Van Shine Bear and Cheer Bear, will perform on stage, while Ben & Holly and PJ Masks will return with their own entertaining shows.

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Kids won’t want to miss the chance to meet the Chuta Beam characters while roaming the Global Village. The Children’s Theater will also host the “Don’t Do the Dodo” show, whose events are inspired by the famous children’s story book “The Curious Tell of Dodo” by the famous writer and comedian Bill Odie. Bigger and better than ever, with dazzling fireworks, record-winning LED cars, bikes, giant truck, stunt driving, water bikes, flyboards, and other breathtaking scenes.
Shaun Cornell, Director of Entertainment Department at Global Village, said: “We are pleased to reveal some amazing new shows and offers for the upcoming Global Village season, which suit all ages, nationalities and interests, and cater to all tastes.

We always look forward to providing everything that gives entertainment, entertainment and happiness to our guests, and we make sure that they enjoy new experiences full of excitement every time they visit the destination, and that they keep visiting the Global Village to enjoy all it has to offer. We always strive to host the best and most famous from all over the world.
Global Village remains the leading and distinctive destination, due to its wonderful offerings, diverse cultures, fun and endless memories.