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Glow in Dolní Břežany and over Prague. Laser centers celebrate the Day of Light

It belongs to it Laser operation With the start and end in front of the ELI Beamlines Building, which the organizers present a challenge to: Light can beat the 10-kilometer race in 0.00003 seconds – how much “give it”? HiLASE also invites you to a “self-service” outdoor fighting game all weekend In the footsteps of the laser, Associated with discovering interesting things not only about lasers.

The organizers state that in addition to their intense thinking, participants also need a mobile phone with a QR code reader installed – almost any “smartphone” – and a crossword puzzle printed from the Internet to record the results. This is in the event that the parties involved disassemble all the prototypes prepared at the first stop: at the main entrance of HiLASE. Geocaching is also an activity set for the whole weekend.

ELI Beamlines Center It will also be presented unambiguously in the center of Prague after two weekend nights – as part of the program Sign Festival. On Saturdays and Sundays, between 8 pm and midnight, a laser beam will be used to connect Petrin and the headquarters of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. Roman Hvezda, president of the ELI Beamlines Center, notes that science and art have been linked for a long time.

“Therefore, I am pleased that with this symbolic beam we can not only recall the shot of the first laser in 61 years, but also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the approval of the European Commission and the Ministry of the project of the ELI Beamlines Laser Center, Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic.”

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The headquarters of the Academy of Sciences was not chosen as the target of the beam by chance: the ELI Research Center in Dolní Břežany is part of its Institute of Physics.

International Day of Light falls on May 16 as a reminder on May 16, 1960 – as the stars’ words suggest. At that time, American physicist Theodore Harold Memman was successfully testing his invention: the world’s first laser system.