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Godla star from Star Dance! 9 other famous contestants inside!

Jean China

It’s like home in TV competitions. Five years ago, he won the second series of the singing show Your Face Has a Famous Voice and his career took off at full speed. The actress also spoke with her voice
Erika Starkova
(36) Nickname Dáša in the most cult series! The last time he excelled in the mini-series was actor Standy Láník, who registered for State Security due to his career and used to discredit men in high positions through homosexual orientation. He himself does not hide the fact that he is attracted to men. He lived for more than 14 years with actor Petr Vančura (36), who “marked himself” with a crazy fall from rudolfinum steps into Czech lions.

Chance of success: 80%

Teresa Černochová

The daughter of the singer Karel ochernoch († 64) got to know Nova thanks to Nova’s amateur singing competition.
Teresa Kirdlova
(34) A.
Helena Zyova
(40. They formed the girl group Black Milk in 2001, but despite Czech Nightingale winning the Discovery of the Year category, they disbanded the group four years later. They quarreled and found no other common ground. In 2014, Teresa gave birth to her only daughter, Laura. (5 years old) But she is raising her as a single mother only with her mother, she is not talking about the father of her child, he should be a dancer.
Michel Cortich
(31), who won a Star Dance 8 years ago. Černochová, and thus financially, her career started when she started instead of Tonya
(51) To perform with Monkey Business.

Chance of success: 55%

Parish Priest Martina Victor Kubica (34 years old)

The only cleric to enter StarDance. Before being baptized in 2011, she built a career in a multinational company. Ultimately, she applied to theology and quit her career. She began her career as a pastor at Saint Nicholas Church in the Old Town Square. Since the end of 2014, he has represented the Czechoslovakian obsessive church in the World Council of the Church and chairs one of its advisory bodies (ECHOS). Martin does not have to monitor celibacy, as the obsessive church allows priests to marry. She doesn’t have children yet, but no one stops her. He doesn’t talk about whether he has a partner.

Chance of success: 50%

Figure Skater Thomas Werner (34)

Lucy Fondachkova
(41) The nickname Marmelády is like a former athlete used to hard training and some injuries. Ten years ago, he went from success to snowboarding success – winning several figure skating championships and competing several times in the Winter Olympics. But six years ago, he struggled with professional sports, and his psyche was said to have betrayed him. He eventually founded his own ice skating academy and settled down last March. In silence, he married his charming partner Tammy Sutanova, a former Thai figure skater. In September 2020, their first son Tomash was born, who inherited strange features from their mother.

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Chance of success: 70%

Tennis player Andrea Sestiny Hlavakova (34)

It not only belongs to the best Czech tennis players, but also to the best tennis players in the world. She took the tennis racket in her hand for the first time in five years. She looked at the WTA women’s tennis circuit in 2000, but she landed her first international title from Pilsen, winning the ITF Class Championship three years later. She had her biggest singles success, with partner Lucy Hradika. They brought a silver medal from the London Olympic Games. She also has a title from the women’s doubles at the 2011 French Open or the women’s doubles at the 2013 US Open. She also reached the Wimbledon final. She has been married to her Italian boyfriend, Fabrizio Sistini, for nearly four years. Since last August, he has been playing professional tennis in place of his daughter Isabel.

Chance of success: 70%

Singer Mirai Navratil (28)

Musician from a Czech-Japanese family studied law school
University of Brno. Additionally, he and his friend Simon Bailey founded Dolls In The Factory and heard their composition in Karin Babinská’s film Wings of Christmas (46). In 2015, a turning point occurred and they found the band Mirai, to which guitarist Michal Stulík, their success if you couldn’t, then add them to the charts. Mirai divorced ten years ago from his girlfriend, Nicola, with whom he was engaged. But he hasn’t stayed alone for long and he’s currently 2 years old with charming brunette Michaela, a manager at a catering company.

Chance of success: 35%

Zdenek Godla

A citizen of Chomotov of Roma origin was, so to speak, in the right place at the right time. While dredging while doing community service, he got into the movie casting The Way Out and landed the role. But he was more famous for the character of Trash Man Franta than most! He also opened the door to surgery in Rose Garden 2, where he plays the doctor’s half-brother
Schwartz (M.
). This came in handy because he had broken through debt and the enforcers often knocked on his doors. In the past, he was convicted of theft, and recently he and his wife Jana made an unauthorized requirement to receive social benefits. He is the father of three children and travels to Prague from Northern Bohemia.

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25% chance of success

Gott went to the infirmary and called lightning! And the earthquake is in Stardance

an actress
Marika oposká

The brunette-eyed graduated from the Prague Conservatory and the filmmakers often cast her in the characters of a fictional princess. With a friend
Berenice Kohotova
(31) Writes the Sedmilhaky Blog. However, viewers mainly loved her as Bibi Marzkova’s lifeguard. 8 years ago, she married cinematographic sound engineer Peter Echák, whom she first met on the job when she was 16 years old. They have a son, Vincent (1) and Benedict (5).

Chance of success: 65%

an actress
Simona Babgakova

She graduated from the Art School in Zlin, but received the most acting and improvisational training mainly from Jaroslaw Dusik (59). It garnered applause for the first time mainly on the stage of Dejvice, when he was twice nominated for the prestigious Alfred Raddock Award, but became known to TV viewers as the role of Simona in the sitcom Return. After all, she is famous for her sense of humor and sometimes she also does performances. Marriage to the father of Josefina’s daughter (10 years old) and son Albert (15 years old) did not last. Four years after the divorce, she got engaged to fitness trainer Ian Adinsam (42). Unfortunately, the wedding didn’t end, but with a breakup. Babáková, currently without a partner.

Chance of success: 55%

Pavel Travnicek

While he was on television as the romantic prince of the Three Nuts for Cinderella, he famously became famous as a notorious figure skater. He married an actress for the first time
Simona Stasova
(66) His second wife was a ballerina
Eva Stevkova
The third operating room is Skelet Lucie Lucie Vrbová. And the second marriage gave birth to a son named Adam he did not see. And for many years he did not even see the illegitimate son Pavel, whose mother was a dabbling Helena Detrova (58). When the boy was barely a year old, his famous father threw himself in the arms of the actress
Olga Zelenska
(59). It was Monica’s current wife, bachelorette Vialkova, whom he married in 2015 after a relationship that lasted twelve years, to tame him. Just because his son Maximilian was born a year later (4). However, since March, there has been talk of a marital crisis and Monica is close to violinist Yaroslav Sviceni (60), who is represented by him artistically.

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Chance of success: 38%

Interesting facts from this year’s series

* It is not clear how StarDance will operate. Due to the opportunity and possible measures, there is a possibility in the game that the competition will take place without spectators.

* Jan Under (35), who won the competition in 2008 with the actress, will no longer be a professional consultant and chief choreographer.
Dana Batulkova

* The entire team of dancers will be led by a choreographer
Marek Zlenka
(34). In 2015, he won a Star Dance with an actress
Maria Dolyalova
(34) He had two sons with her.

* Twenty participants do not yet know which pair to perform in the fall.

* Couples will only discover at the end of June with whom a series of grueling training and live broadcasts awaits.

Who will make them pass parquet ?!


Veronica Lalova

Linka Nora Navorkova

Dominic Vodichka

Marek Didick


Teresa Prokova Povkova (35)

Adriana Mashkova

Robin Ondasic (29)

Martin Brager (26)

Aged needles!

For StarDance’s press release, you’ll be treading on Needles Spring. Perhaps Teresa Kostkova (44) was fascinated by the April sun, plus her shoes matched her coat. But wow! Still at the front door, the actress and presenter found one of her shoes untied. She had to fix it right away so as not to lose her blue parade on the stairs, like a Cinderella fairy tale. She already has a prince in the house in the form of her second husband, director Jacob Nfuta (44), so who will save her?

Taclík’s overtly sexy dancer: StarDance pulled her off the bottom! Will he marry?