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Gold?  Americans continue to move forward: perhaps we will have the last best

Gold? Americans continue to move forward: perhaps we will have the last best

Photo: Margotta Kova

(RIGA, from our supporters) After an early close defeat to Finland, the United States selected the World Cup, first acknowledged in Canada, and managed Kazakhstan smoothly on Tuesday.

National team fan

“We played well, worked with the buck as much as we wanted. Sometimes we tried to find a little more, but overall I think we definitely drove a good match,” he says with satisfaction.

Adam Clementing

Defender, 28 years old

“href =” “> Adam Clementing.

It was this experienced defender who opened the scoring with a shot from a distance in the seventh minute, and his shot became the winner.

“Buck had a fight on the blue line and we were able to get it into the zone. He kept it there

Jason Robertson

Forward, 21 years old

“href =” “> Jason Robertson, I’m a little late, “explains Clendoning.

The United States certainly beat Kazakhstan for the team’s well-being. Although the start of the match was not enough for Finland and then they were able to cope with Canada, a determined performance against the Kazakhs will greatly help the psyche for future matches.

“We play the first matches together in this group, and for some boys it will be the first matches after a few weeks,” explains the 29-year-old quarterback. “We belong to different teams, so we try to adapt to new game styles, we get used to ourselves, how each one plays … we definitely improve every game.”

The Americans are mainly based on the highest level of security, after all, they have only collected three times in the last three duels. Switzerland only hunted fewer reels from its net, but its third game is still waiting for it. What do you see as one of the main reasons for the success of one of America’s back pillars?

“We work well with the buck and get out of the defensive zone quickly and cleanly. We don’t spend much time on our goal. We’ll get back to him quickly and then get him out quickly.

In addition to a solid defense, hockey players from the land of stars and lines can also count on excellent goalkeepers.

Call Peterson

Goalkeeper, 26 years

“href =” “> Cal Peterson picked up a clean sheet against Kazakhstan, although in the end he only had to face eighteen shots of the opponent.

“Sometimes it’s hard to play in matches when you’re not too busy, and you run away easily with your thoughts,” the goalkeeper explains catching the opposing guard. “I have to keep my head in the match. I talk to the boys safely. When the buck goes behind our goal, I go for it, which helps keep my thoughts on the game.”

So far, surprisingly, all the other hockey powers are surprisingly concerned about this year’s championship, and voices are beginning to be heard that America will be the most favorite to win the championship title.

“We are trying to win gold, but there is still a lot to play in hockey,” Adam Clementing said.

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“There are four more matches before we get to the playoffs. It’s always been one match after another. Now we’ve trying to improve and improve the match after the match, and we hope to have the best until the end.”