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"Good News" for the Jordanians from the US Embassy in Amman

“Good News” for the Jordanians from the US Embassy in Amman

Jordanian news agency reported (Petra) That prince Ali bin al-Hussein was sworn in as Viceroy Abdullah II on Thursday.

The 46-year-old Prince Ali was one of three princes, Hamza and Hashem, whose testimony was rejected by the Jordanian state security court, which called the state “undermining security and stability” or a “treason case.”

On April 4, the Jordanian government announced that Prince Hamza (41) and others were involved in “sinful schemes” aimed at “undermining Jordan’s security and stability.”

According to Prince Ali, the king’s half-brother, he He began his studies Affiliated with the College of Islamic Sciences in Amman and in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He joined the “Sandhurst” at the Royal Military Academy in the UK, where he graduated as an officer in December 1994.

Prince Ali previously competed for the post of President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and was President of the Asian Football Confederation and FIFA Vice President for the Asian Continent.

Prince Ali is married to Algerian journalist Reem Brahimi, the daughter of Lakhtar Brahimi, a former United Nations envoy to Afghanistan and in Syria, and they have a daughter (Princess Jalila) and a son (Prince Abdullah).

In light of the crisis experienced by the royal family last April, Prince Ali posted a photo with King Abdullah on his official Facebook page, with a comment: “Despite all the difficult circumstances around us … we will stand with you, our master, dense and thin (…) May God give us and our Jordan a support, a property and a leader. ”

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On April 7, King Abdullah II confirmed on state television that “treason was over” and that “Prince Hamza was with his family in his palace and in my care.”