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Goodbye to learning game design, with Fortnite you can design your games without prior experience!

Since the release of the Fortnite battle royale game and its debut in 2017, Epic Games has been supporting it with continuous content on a weekly basis, and from time to time it adds distinctive and wonderful ideas that we see for the first time. Now Epic Games is introducing something completely new with the launch of Creative 2.0 which will allow any player to create maps or even entire games within Fortnite.

How can players create their own games in Fortnite?

With the launch of Creative 2.0 in Fortnite, Epic Games has also announced through Official Website About the launch of the so-called Unreal Editor, and according to what they said, it is a “A key feature of the Unreal Engine and Epic suite of tools that professional game developers use to develop their games for all platforms”.

According to what was revealed, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, or what is known as UEFN, is an application on the PC that enables the design and development of games and publish them directly in the famous Battle Royale game. UEFN is supposed to include all the tools in the Unreal Engine for game development, but currently in beta it only includes some games that players can try in-game.

What’s interesting about the Unreal Editor is that creative players on both console and PC can collaborate with each other to develop islands and games within Fortnite. You can see a glimpse of Unreal Editor below:

You can now try out some of the Unreal Editor’s maps within the game Fortnite itself through the Epic Picks page under the Discover in-game tab. And through it you can see some technical demos of Unreal Editor like Forest Guardian and Deserted: Domination.

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What about Creative 2.0?

In the new Creative 2.0, players who have created or will create maps and islands in Fortnite will be able to receive income on a monthly basis. how ?Well, the monthly income that these players get depends on the popularity of the map or the island in addition to the interaction and the extent to which it attracts new players, that is, the number of players who visit your island contributes to the income that you will get, more details about Creative 2.0 from here.

Fortnite is available to download for free across all platforms PS5/PS4, Xbox One/Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC and smartphones.