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Google adds a new dimension to reverse image search

Google adds a new dimension to reverse image search

WASHINGTON – Google is the most popular option for searching the Internet, yet the reverse image search task may not be accurate enough, prompting the US giant Thursday to launch a multi-search feature that allows entering text and images at the same time to get more detailed results.

The new feature is particularly useful for the type of queries that Google is currently having trouble with, as there is a component visible when searched that is difficult to describe using words alone. By combining the image and words into a single query, the search engine may have a better chance of providing relevant search results.

And the multiple search feature is not new, as the company announced it in September of the year 2021 and said at the time that it would launch it in the coming months after testing and evaluation.

The company said that the new feature is made possible thanks to its latest model in its field of artificial intelligence, noting that it is also exploring new ways in which it can enhance multiple search by this model.

She explained that her “unified multitasking model” in artificial intelligence can simultaneously understand information across a wide range of formats, including text, images and videos, and draw insights and connections between topics, concepts and ideas.

Starting Thursday, the new multi-search functionality became available as an experimental feature in English in the United States.

The user needs to open the Google application and click on the “Lance Camera” icon and either search in one of his (user’s) screenshots or take a picture.

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The user can swipe up and click the “+ Add to Search” button to add text.