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Google app gets multiple search feature for more accurate results

This week, Google officially announced a new feature for the Google search application called multisearch, a feature that allows users, whether iPhone or Android, to search or inquire about something, using text and images together, so that, for example, they can search for a dress image. Or a picture of a piece of fabric with a different color written on it to get specific color suggestions or more accurate suggestions.

How to use the multisearch feature in Google search?

Users of the Google Search application or the Google application for both iPhone and Android phones can take advantage of the multiple search feature, by opening the application, then clicking on the camera icon for the “Google Lens” feature, then taking a picture or choosing a picture from the screenshots or any image On the phone and search by it, then scroll up and click on the “Add to search” button to get more accurate results by adding text to the search.

Google said that through the new multisearch feature, users can get answers for anything in front of it by searching by images based on the Google Lens feature, and then get more accurate results by adding text such as color, any brand, or others.

How to take advantage of the multiple search feature in the Google application?

And Google gave some examples of how to take advantage of the new multi-search feature in the Google application, such as taking a picture or a screenshot of a dress and writing text to search for it in another color that the user prefers, or taking a picture of tableware at home and then typing a text to get a matching or compatible coffee table, You can also take advantage of the multi-search feature to take a picture of a plant and add the text “Care methods”.

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The new feature of multiple search in Google search comes thanks to the development in artificial intelligence techniques, according to the company, which says that it has made it easier to understand the world around us in more natural and intuitive ways, and that it is exploring the feature of ways to improve search results based on the latest model of artificial intelligence in search MUM.

The MultiSearch feature for multiple searches in Google Search is now available for users of the Google application, whether for phones Iphone or phones AndroidFor US users only, the feature will be available later to users in more countries.