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Google warns: Popular Android apps steal Facebook passwords

Google Drive adds a feature to “block” some users from potential harassment

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The American search engine “Google” is preparing to add a new feature to its service “Drive” within the next two weeks, which is to ban (block) other accounts from sharing files with it.

The feature also prevents those rejected accounts from accessing any files shared with them in the past, and deletes any of their previous files from the drive.

launched”googleThis service is primarily to combat potential harassment and spam on the platform.

Google said about the new feature in statement for her “Google Drive’s sharing capabilities increase productivity and collaboration, but bad actors can abuse tools meant to facilitate useful sharing, which is why we’re creating a way to block other users.”

She indicated that blocking an account in “Google Drive” will also prevent those accounts from interacting with the person who imposed the ban through other “Google” services, such as “Hangouts” and “Chat”.

According to Google’s support page, the option to block a user will pop up if you right-click on a file they have shared with you in Google Drive.

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It also pointed out that it will provide the option to cancel the ban at a later time.