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Google Glass: Discover the new Google Glasses with instant global translation

On the occasion of the annual Google I/O 2022 conference, Google has unveiled a prototype of connected glasses, equipped with instant global translation. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these glasses capture a conversation, translate the interlocutor’s sentences in real time, and write down the result as a subtitle on the glasses.

considered as Google Glass A very interesting project. Mountain View is working on a prototype that was shown at Google I/O. In a short video at the end of this article, you’ll discover a product that can finally break the language barrier…and more!

Prototype of glasses Google Glass It looks like simple glasses. But it clearly includes many advanced technologies, i.e. everything you need to ‘listen’, ‘translate’ and ‘transcribe’. For example: There are two people who wear these glasses and are having a conversation, but they each speak a different language. In this case, the glasses will translate what the other interviewer is saying in real time and will display the transcription on the glasses, as if it were a subtitle of a movie or series.

google io lunettes traduction

It is a magical moment to discover that the language barrier has been completely erased thanks to this technology. The ease of use also makes this technology very accessible. Simultaneous translation is a topic close to Google’s heart. The company has often offered apps and products that are able to connect two people who don’t speak the same language. Whether using Pixel Buds or Pixel 6 and 6.

google io lunettes traduction

But this is the first time that integration is natural. It is very natural that this product allows the deaf and hard of hearing to finally have a conversation with people who do not know sign language. Even better, the system understands and translates sign language as well. It’s really a great idea and we really hope that this innovation will be available quickly to as many people as possible.

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