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Google has outlined the rules for backing up photos effective June 1, 2021

Google has outlined the rules for backing up photos effective June 1, 2021

If you have missed this information yet, know that it has been processed since November of last year Introducing new rules To back up your photos and videos to Google Photos. The American giant decided that even content in high or high quality (in this case, paradoxically, not original, and reduced) would Included in the free user space. So far, there could be any number of these photos and videos in the repository, and their size didn’t matter. This will officially end on June 1. Google has now decided to re-explain what the image backup rules would be like in a new blog post Since mid-2021 To resemble. Some news added.

Google Photos and the new 2021 backup policy

The primary assurance is that effective June 1, 2021, all photos and videos (regardless of quality) will be counted into the free 15 GB storage space available to each Google account holder. Instead, to more space if you pay for it. Google confirms this to you Media was acquired and backed up prior to that date They stayed in store without counting their size.

Fotek Player also states that it is there Tool to check current occupancy Specific storage. Even with an estimate of how long the user will spend at the current pace Up to ceiling space. As this time approaches, Google will notify you with notifications and emails.

A few days ago, a new image also started appearing in the Photos app Function for efficient deletion of unnecessary content. This wizard pre-selects photos and videos and recommends their deletion. For example, due to blurring or large volume. Latest hot news Rename the category High Quality, Which has so far included low media media. It will be the new name Storage saver (Freely translated storage savings, but we don’t know the exact Czech name yet.) This renamed feature will continue to allow users an alternative choice of backup quality. Hence the speed of filling their warehouse.

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