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Google is changing the style of Play Store reviews.  Newly filtered by region and device -

Google is changing the style of Play Store reviews. Newly filtered by region and device –

Expected change on Google Play is here. The American giant decided to modify an essential part of the work, which is the feedback of other users. According to Google, it’s time for user reviews to be local. Sometimes it happens that an error related to one country (for example due to translation problems) can negatively affect the decision to download the application for users from other countries.

Sometimes, negative feedback is also related to the type of device the app is being used on. For tablets, the rating may be positive, but for smartphones, where there is more installation, a negative rating may prevail. The tablet user has no opportunity to distinguish between the two “branches”.

From November of this year, it will only be possible to see ratings from the country where your device is registered for apps on Google Play. This means that in the Czech Republic you will only be able to read Czech reviews of apps. Although this is already partially working now, this feature will be widely introduced from November. You will no longer be able to click on reviews in other languages. At the beginning of 2022, reviews will be relevant to the type of facility. For tablets, chromebooks, and portability specifically, you’ll get to know other users who use the same type of device as you

Besides user feedback, the change will also affect the “star” rating of apps. From November 2021, the stars of the apps will be determined regionally. In the Czech version of Google Play, you will see the Czech users rating. However, the application may be completely different in the United States. By analogy, that is, at the beginning of next year, the number of stars awarded will always be associated with a certain type of device.

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Changes will affect smaller countries

You probably don’t have to worry about the mobile app giants, but maybe finding an interesting app from small developers can be a big problem. It may happen that you come across an application that is used by many users abroad, while in the Czech Republic not much is known about it, respectively. No one has rated it yet. And in the eyes of Czech users, this application can unnecessarily lose confidence …

Introducing Android App Bundle:

Users in the US may not notice any changes, but smaller European countries may pay for missing reviews of apps in their language or region. The ability to view comments from all devices or in all languages ​​will solve everything, but Google is not considering this option yet.

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