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Google is considering developing new devices for early detection of breast cancer

Google is considering developing new devices for early detection of breast cancer

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Google has announced its intention to license an artificial intelligence research model to detect breast cancer, so it has entered into a partnership with the medical technology company iCAD, hoping that this technology will be used to detect breast cancer in an early and more accurate manner, as well as assess its severity, in turn. Nicole Linton, Director of Communications at Google, said that the company aims to use technology in the field of medicine in an advanced way.

The development of Google technology in the detection of breast cancer

And according to what was stated in “The Verge”, “Linton” went on in her statements, stressing that this step is in the experimental stage, and that the issue of officially announcing the technology depends largely on the extent of its success in the various stages of testing. Artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer, given that its system has outperformed many radiologists in detecting signs of breast cancer, according to the research paper previously published in Nature 2020.

3D breast imaging technology

According to the results of the research paper published by Google, the technology reduced the rate of false negative examinations by 9.4%, while it monitored a reduction in the rate of false positive examinations by 5.7% among the thousands of mammograms that took place under study. In turn, iCAD is studying the possibility of integrating the Google model. Advanced mammography AI is among its current tools, in order to be able to visualize the breast in detail using 3D digital technology.

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In turn, the ProFound AI tool scans DBT images to search for densities of malignant soft tissues and cancerous tumors present in the area. iCAD seeks to develop a risk assessment tool that helps in detecting risk ratios for breast cancer patients.

Referring to the artificial intelligence model that Nature magazine published in 2020, James Vincent points out that there is no specific measure for diagnosing cancer, and called for expanding ways to detect the disease and not limit it to its presence or not, highlighting the importance of artificial intelligence tools as they can provide more It is an option for doctors to diagnose the condition more accurately, especially in the early stage of infection, through its continuous development.

For its part, Google is communicating directly with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Imperial College, in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion about the possibility of using artificial intelligence technology in mammograms, in a way that helps the doctor evaluate cases and give priority according to the examination.