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Google is developing a new feature for the Chrome browser on the web and Android

Google is working on developing the experience of Internet users on board its web browser, whether on computers or Android phones, by providing the giant search engine with a website writing bar with a new design and advanced capabilities.

On the Android level, Google has started testing a new feature called Omnibox Modernize Visual Update, which introduces a new design for website address writing space.

When the user types the name of a website within that space, the suggestions begin to appear at the bottom of the box arranged in a card design, so that each proposal appears as a separate card on its own bearing a black background that makes each card distinct from what comes above and below, which makes it easier to focus the user’s eye on each of them, according to 9to5Google site.

The new technology is available in the form of a “flag” feature in Google Chrome 108, which is still in its beta testing stage, and is only available for Chrome Canary beta.

In order for the user to activate the new experimental feature, he must write the link chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update directly inside the search box, and then presses the Enter button, and then activates the box next to the option within the window that will go to it via the previous link.

Google is developing a unique and practical feature for the website writing bar in its Chrome browser, but this time for the PC version.

Google is experimenting with facilitating user access to various aspects of the browser, such as bookmarks or history of recently visited sites, by using a writing form represented by using the “@” sign and immediately following the word such as “Bookmarks” or “History”, so that when Clicking on the result from the drop-down list will direct the user to the desired tab page.

Also, if the user wants to search within the tab without moving to it, he will have to press the ruler button to move a space after typing “@History”, for example, and then write the name of the site he is searching for, and thus he will search within the history of previously visited sites without Having to go to the ‘history’ page itself.

This feature makes it easier to search in open tabs, and it will also make it easier to go directly to an open site, and it will be useful for users who are used to opening many sites at the same time.

The new feature is available in the Chrome 106 beta version, and a Chrome user can now activate and benefit from this feature by writing a link chrome://flags/#omnibox-site-search-starter-pack Inside the Chrome browser, turn the feature on by turning the selection next to it to Enabled, and then restart Relaunch to work normally.

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