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“Google” is taking security measures … preventing the downloading of applications outside the official store

Reports published on the siteGadgetThat the new version of “Android” may prevent users from installing old applications in some circumstances, at the time when the site was discovered “9to5GoogleA change in the code indicates that “Android 14” will prevent users from sideloading applications, that is, installing them outside the “Play Store” application store.

It seems that this step aims to enhance security and privacy, as it may prevent malware creators from targeting older versions of Android To escape security measures in the latest versions, according to Google.

So you ask google apps on play store It already works on Android 12 or later versions. And the new update rejects attempts to install old applications through the web or third-party stores.

This won’t completely block users if there’s a third-party app they want to download, it’s up to device manufacturers to enable the feature, while still having ways to install apps in one form or another. But the policy is intended to prevent people from unintentionally installing malware.

It is worth noting that Google They limit sideloading at all on their own phones.

Installing side applications is a reason for some to buy a phone Android instead of “Iphone”. However, it is not surprising that you do Google With strict restrictions, malware authors often rely on the operating system Android And specifically for sideloading, since there are fewer restrictions than those in the storeapps.

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