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Google launches a new feature to delete search history | economy and technology

Google has introduced a new feature that allows removing search history for the last 15 minutes on its application, as Android phone users can currently delete the last 15 minutes of their searches on Google services.

According to some websites specialized in the field of technology, there are many reasons that drive smartphone users to delete the last 15 minutes of their searches, including the desire to hide the questions they search for on the Internet, or just the desire to hide some searches. private and many more, so Google has introduced a new feature that gives you the ability to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history.

According to the technical website xda-developers, Google introduced the “Delete the last 15 minutes of search history” feature on the iOS operating system last July, about a year before it was launched on its Android operating system.

Google announced the feature for the first time at the company’s Google I / O conference last May, and the new feature arrived in the service settings on the iOS operating system in July, at that time, the global search giant said that it would reach the Android version of the application in time. Later in 2021, but for some reason, the company missed the deadline for the feature to be rolled out.

It is unclear whether Google plans to bring the feature to its desktop services. In its announcement post last May, the company did not specify which platforms will get the feature to delete the last 15 minutes of search history, and in July 2021, Google only said that the feature Coming to iOS and Android apps.

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“We’re currently rolling out this feature to the Google Android app and expect it to be available to all app users in the next few weeks,” Google spokesperson Ned Adrian said. “We’re continuing to explore ways to bring this useful feature to other systems.”

How to delete the last 15 minutes of search history in the Google app on Android

Users can check if this feature works in Android phones, using the following steps:

1. Open the Google app on your Android phone.

2. Click on your profile picture at the top left of the screen.

3. Look for the “Delete last 15 min” option.