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Google launches (Magic Eraser) for all Android phones and iPhones Google announced today the launch of the (magic eraser) feature, in addition to a set of image editing tools available within the Google Photos application for all Pixel phone users for free, while subscribers of the (Google One) Google One service will be able to use these tools. In other phones running Android and iOS systems, after it was available exclusively to users of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones.

The Magic Eraser tool allows users to remove unwanted elements from images, such as strangers appearing in the background of images, power lines, or any other things that may affect the aesthetics of the image, as the user can click on the unwanted element or draw a circle around it to delete it. From the image, so that the artificial intelligence in the application restores the background to restore the missing parts of it.

The Magic Eraser also provides another feature, which is camouflage, which is similar to an eraser, with the difference that it is intended for elements in the foreground of the image that are difficult to delete without distorting the image. In this case, the tool adjusts the colors of the desired element to give it a faded color similar to the surrounding colors, which reduces its prominence within the image.

In addition, Google offers the feature of video enhancement through the HDR effect to increase the brightness and color contrast in the video, which gives more homogeneous colors that significantly improve the image quality.

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The application also provides Google One subscribers with new exclusive templates for photo collages that the user can choose from when creating a new collage.






Finally, Google One subscribers will be able to get free shipping for their orders from the Photo Print Shop, which allows the user to create photo albums to be printed and shipped to their address. Free shipping is available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom.

And Google said that the new features will reach users of the Google Photos application, starting today, for all users of Pixel phones and for users of Google One in other smartphones.

The cost of subscribing to the (Google One) service starts at $ 9.99 per month, which includes 2 terabytes of cloud storage space that can be shared with up to five other people. It also includes a subscription to Google One VPN, discounts on purchases from the Google Play Store, and quick access to technical support.

It is noteworthy that the Google announcement comes among other updates that the company launched today for a group of its services, including YouTube support for the feature of dubbing video clips, launching the podcast service within the (YouTube Music) application, updating the Google smart TV platform, Google TV, and issuing new features for the Google Docs service.

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