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Switch to Android iPhone app

Google Makes It So Easy To Turn Off Your Ridiculous iPhone – Yalla Match

Google’s Switch to Android app is more widely available today, so you can ditch the iPhone and switch to any near-new Android phone. The Switch to Android app, which was previously available to switch to Pixel phones, is now available to Switchers with any phone running Android 12.

in Blog post When announcing the update, Google says that switching from iPhone to Android phone using the Switch to Android app can happen using the old iPhone cable or wirelessly with the new app. Doing so should take you through a step-by-step transfer process to bring up contacts, calendars, photos, and more. The process also instructs you to turn off iMessage, so you don’t miss text messages after making the switch. It lets you transfer photos and videos from iCloud as well, as long as you give it specific permissions.

To transfer your applications, files Switch to Android FAQ It mentions that if you’re transferring via cable from your iPhone, “the apps that are freely available in the App Store will transfer through it.” Obviously, paid apps will have to be purchased again.

The process shouldn’t be difficult and almost all the best apps you love on iPhone will be on Android too. Away from all those notes and calendar apps that people talk a lot about on iOS, the Android App Store is well stocked. Even so, you’ll lose iMessage, which is something people will still have to deal with in 2022. Apple won’t be dealing with RCS anytime soonO people.

To start switching from iPhone to Google Pixel, Galaxy S22, or Fold 3, hit the link below to install Switch to Android on your iPhone.

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Switch to Android Download: App Store Link