Today, Google launched a set of new features for its application store in Android devices (Google Play) Google Play Store. The new features aim to make it easier for users of multiple devices to download and update apps.

And according to what was reported by the site Android PoliceThe feature of syncing applications allows the ability to automatically download a user’s applications to all his devices. For example, if you download an app on a phone, the store will download the same app on the user’s other phone or tablet, as long as the devices use the same Google account.

The feature can be accessed through the “Sync apps to devices” option, which is available in the “Manage applications and devices” menu within Google Play. In the event that this option is activated, the user can access a list of all his devices, and choose the devices whose applications he wants to sync with the applications of his main device. This relieves the user of the burden of downloading their applications separately for each of their devices.

In addition, the option to synchronize with smart watches with Wear OS or smart TVs with Google TV can be activated, and if the user downloads a specific application on his phone, the store will automatically download the same application on the watch and on the TV, if a compatible version of the application is available with the mentioned devices.

It is worth noting that the new feature does not support synchronization of previously downloaded applications, that is, it only works with downloaded applications after activating the feature. However, the store provides an option that enables the user to download the applications of his choice on his other devices through the sync option on his main device. Also, the feature does not support automatic updating of applications on all devices, and the user must manually update his applications on his different devices.

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