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Google redesigns the appearance of the Google Play Store on the desktop!

Google redesigns the appearance of the Google Play Store on the desktop!

It’s been many years since we’ve seen any new change to the Google Play Store interface design on desktop systems. Perhaps Google sees that it is not necessary, since most users rely on their smartphones to access the Store to download applications and games.

But if you are among the users who want to deal with a new interface for Google Play Store on PC, we have good news for you, as the company has decided to update the storefront design and display system for apps, games, movies, and more.

Over the past two years, the design of the Google Play Store has been based on an intuitive, clear and easy-to-use appearance, in short, it has a simple aesthetic feel. All the products on the store had rounded corners while all the others had straight and flat lines.

Everything has been great over the past few years, but over the past few months, Google’s design mindset has changed drastically, especially if we try to talk about the new design materials it used with Android 12.

Google is redesigning the look of the Google Play Store

It is worth noting that the new design has not yet reached all users from all over the world, which means that the company is still testing the design with a specific number of users.

Based on the images that were spotted on a technical site, it turns out that Google has radically changed the interface and display system of the store for all products without exception.

Instead of navigating through categories using the left or right item panel – depending on the store’s language – all the categories will be located at the top of the store as chunky tabs next to each other.

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The main page contains different categories which include apps, games, movies, tv shows, books and finally kids category. Then the store will give you to choose the type and name of the phone for which you want to get the new products.

Notably, you’ll find a dedicated button for selecting phones, tablets, Chromebooks, or TVs. But when it comes to apps, it’s still inside the lattice design, but all the squares containing the apps’ images are now rounded.

As for games, they are now rendered in wide rectangles and rounded corners instead of the old sharp corners look. And as you scroll down, you will find the rest of the other applications inside circular boxes.

In general, the new design that Google Play Store got on desktop systems is better than ever, and at the same time it is in line with the current new design language used by Google “Material You”.