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Google warns: Popular Android apps steal Facebook passwords

Google removes 8 Android applications infected with a virus that implicates you in fraudulent subscriptions

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Belgian police confirmed that Google recently deleted 8 applications from the Google Play Store, noting that it has now advised users to remove them from their phones without delay.

Careful “Express” newspaper It is believed that all of these applications contain the dangerous malware “Joker”.

The newspaper pointed out that the program is capable of causing chaos in any phone that infects it.

Once the program is installed, it has the ability to install hidden spyware Distinguished communication programs on devices.

This program can enroll users in expensive monthly subscription plans.

She noted that some victims found themselves paying more than £240 a year for these fraudulent subscriptions.

According to researchers at the “Quick Hill Security Lab” for cybersecurity, the Joker virus can later access text messages, contacts and a lot of other information on smartphones.

The newspaper indicated that the applications affected by the Joker virus are: “Auxiliary Message, Element Scanner, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Go Messages, Super Message, Great SMS, and Travel Wallpapers.”

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