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جوجل تزيل تطبيق Hangouts من Play Store وApp Store

Google removes Hangouts app from Play Store and App Store

removed Google The classic Hangouts app from the app stores, the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and doesn’t appear in search results on any of the platforms.

Those who have already downloaded the app to their smartphones can continue to use it, but it is likely that the days are also outnumbered as Google plans to replace the classic Hangouts with Google Chat for Workspace clients.

The change was first spotted by 9to5google who said that Google will disable old Hangouts mobile apps in the coming weeks, and the transition began with the tech giant removing the Hangouts app for new users on iPad and iPhone. It was available for Android users and then later removed.

Google announced its plans to replace Hangouts with Google Chats for a long time, and had previously set a migration date from Classic Hangouts to Google Chats in (March) for Workspace users (formerly G Suite), and Google was supposed to start the migration in October 2019 However, the multi-stage plan did not begin until 2020.

And earlier this month, Google added more capabilities to Chats and Spaces. It rolled out an update for Gmail users on Android that brings new status bar icons, which help users determine whether a message has reached Chats or Spaces.

Previously, messages from Chat (which are individual conversations) and Spaces (such as Slack or any work platform) were the same. However, with the new update, the display icons for both will be slightly different.

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