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ساعة جوجل الذكية.. كل ما تحتاج معرفته عن منافس أبل الجديد

Google smart watch.. Everything you need to know about the new Apple competitor

Google is preparing to launch its first smartwatch, as it is said that it will bear the Pixel brand, and rumors are circulating about Google preparing to launch its first ever smartwatch next year – 2022.

The watch may be called the Pixel Watch, it is said to be referred to as the Android watch inhouse, and its code name is said to be Rohan, and although Google operates many smartwatches across brands, it has not made its own smartwatch yet.

The company has other Pixel-branded products, including wireless headphones called Pixel Buds. Google is said to have launched its smartwatch roughly in 2016, before the plan was shelved at the last minute after Google CEO Rick Osterloh , by pulling the plug on the device because it “doesn’t look like it belongs in the Pixel family,” and here’s everything you need to know about the Pixel Watch:

– Pixel Watch will run on WearOS

One thing that is certain about the watch is that it will run on the company’s proprietary operating system for wearable devices – WearOS. Google is also said to be integrating Fitbit OS into WearOS.

What will the Pixel Watch look like?

There are no confirmations on this, however, according to what has been leaked, the watch is round and has no bezels, which means that it will not have a similar design to the Apple Watch.

Will the watch integrate with Fitbit?

Google acquired major Fitbit wearables in 2019 in a $2.1 billion deal, but it’s not certain whether the watch will feature Fitbit technology or be a standalone device, and speculation suggests that since the watch will compete with the Apple Watch, Google may choose a brand Pixel brand instead of Fitbit.

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– Pixel Watch will provide fitness features

The Pixel Watch will offer all major health and fitness tracking features such as step counting, calories, heart rate monitoring, and more, and the Fitbit CEO previously said that some of the popular Fitbit features will be coming to the wearable watch.

When will the Pixel Watch be launched?

There are no confirmed timelines, but speculation is that the watch may be launched in the spring of 2022, which means in the second quarter of the year.