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Google will delete "my apps" in the Play Store.  Is it a big step back?

Google will delete “my apps” in the Play Store. Is it a big step back?

Google has recently made major changes to the Play Store. However, the recent change looks really strange and breaks the old habits that have been around almost always on Android. What do you say to change the My apps section in Google Play?

Google recently changed the way the Play Store works and eliminated the drop-down menu on the left. All items have been moved to the menu that appears when you click on your account picture. Previously This change seemed debatable to us, But to the latest change in the Google Play section My apps and games We’re really looking at the outright negativity.

Google has completely removed the categories in the new version of the Play Store UpdatesAnd the InstalledAnd the LibraryAnd the Trial version Within the department My apps and games. These choices have replaced two ambiguous elements Summary a Message. The ‘My Apps & Games’ section has been completely renamed to Manage applications and devices. If you like the overview of updates for your apps, it looks like it’s a huge deterioration. It is also possible that the user will lose track of recently updated apps. This can be useful, for example, When an unexpected error occurs. This new version of the Play Store has only appeared to a small number of users so far, so we can still hope it isn’t quite a final case.

What do you say about the upcoming changes to Google Play?

Source: androidpolice