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Google’s Extension SDK aims to provide the latest features for older Android versions • TechCrunch

Fragmentation is a longstanding complaint about the Android ecosystem. Users often miss the features of the latest version of Android because they are using old devices that are no longer updated. To bridge the gap, Google released the first public version SDK extensionIt aims to bring the features of the latest version of Android to the older iterations.

As part of this announcement, Google is opening Photo Picker API support for Android 11 and Android 12. The Photo Picker allows users to access selected photos from their library into the app — for now, only Android 13 users can use the latest photo. Picker interface.

Note that this is an SDK that application developers need to add this functionality to their applications. But users do not need to update the system to use the photo picker.

Google Image Picker

The SDK also provides support for implementing AdServices APIs to prepare for the launch of the Android privacy sandbox. the Android privacy sandbox is Google’s new ad layer To change cookies in Chrome. Currently, Google is testing a privacy sandbox Limited number of devices running Android 13 A wider beta is expected this year. With components like the Extensions SDK, Google aims to provide privacy protection support for devices running older versions of Android.

Google has tried to shorten feature rollout times with programs like The main line of the project, introduced with Android 10, makes the platform more modular and pushes features through Google Play. So users don’t have to wait for phone makers to release a software update. The SDK extension is another step in this direction.

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